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SlenderPro: What is it and how does it work?

The SlenderPro formula is a natural dietary supplement that contains several nutritional ingredients that are well known to aid in fat burning, blood sugar stabilization, increase in metabolism and detoxification. When combined with the SlenderPro eating program, the body can utilize and burn stored fat more efficiently.

What is the SlenderPro eating structure?

The SlenderPro eating program involves specific low glycemic index, anti-inflammatory foods eaten in certain amounts and at certain intervals. This results in increased metabolism, increased fat burning, blood sugar regulation, insulin regulation, and improved insulin and leptin metabolic hormone levels. In general, SlenderPro helps the body to more efficiently metabolize fat and use it as energy. All this while shopping at your local grocery store and without shakes, or prepackaged food.

Can I do the SlenderPro weight loss program if I am Vegetarian?

Yes. We include vegetarian instructions to follow.

Can I do the SlenderPro weight loss program if I am Vegan?

It is unlikely that a vegan person would do well with the SlenderPro weight loss program as there are not enough lean protein options available.

Can I speed up my weight loss if it slows down?

Yes!! If your weight loss slows down, make sure you are eating fruits from the preferred/low- glycemic fruit list, and eliminate the bread option. If your weight plateaus, your coach will advise you on what to do with your diet and supplements. Please do not adjust your diet or supplements except under the advice from your coach.

Why does my weight fluctuate throughout the day?

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day and this is normal. Therefore we recommend only weighing yourself once a day. Weight fluctuations are related to your food and water intake, your activity and other factors. We recommend only weighing yourself once a day when you get out of bed and after using the bathroom. Weigh yourself in the same clothing daily.

Where is SlenderPro manufactured and what are the quality control guidelines?

To maintain the highest level of ingredient and manufacturing standards, all products are manufactured in our Quality Assured GMP Certified Facility. All products are formulated in the USA. Every formula we use is a Non-Genetically Modified Formula. That means our ingredients have not had their DNA altered by the addition of genes from another ingredient species. Non- Genetically Modified Formulas are considered to be some of the safest and highest quality supplements on the market.

Do I have to weigh all my food?

Yes. You must weigh all your food. Eyeballing will result in your eating too little or too much food. You must use a digital scale to weigh your food.

How much weight can I expect to lose on the program?

Typically, people on the SlenderPro program lose between 20-40 pounds. While results will vary by person, if the program is followed as directed most people lose a minimum of 20 pounds in 42 days. Women on average lose about 25 pounds. Many factors affect weight loss, and everyone is different. This program has been completed by thousands of patients throughout the world with success. Typically, people who do not see results are not compliant with the instructions. People who experience slower weight loss have even been successful with the SlenderPro weight loss program. The key is adherence, support and accountability.

Can I have protein shakes or protein bars?

No!! Under no circumstances are shakes or bars allowed on the SlenderPro weight loss program.

What sets SlenderPro products apart from others?

The SlenderPro formula is proprietary and uses only high-grade ingredients. Unlike lower grade products, you will not find this product being sold online or by other retailers. You can only obtain SlenderPro products through a SlenderPro office. Our formulas are the highest quality available nutritional dietary supplements. Our proprietary formulas help patients have less hunger, more energy and generally feel much better while on the SlenderPro plan.

Can I do the SlenderPro weight loss program if I travel for work?

Yes, many of our patients travel and do the program successfully while eating food that they pack, as well as from restaurants. If you need instructions on doing this, please let us know.

Can men do the SlenderPro weight loss program?

Yes! Many men have had lost more weight even faster than women on the SlenderPro program.

Won’t my metabolism slow down if I am on a very low-calorie diet?

Normally, when cutting back significantly on calories, the body goes into what is known as “starvation mode.” When we combine the very low-calorie interval diet, along with our SlenderPro all-natural supplements, the body more easily supports burning stored fat for energy instead of needing a continual supply of sugar, fat, and protein. While on the SlenderPro weight loss program, it is imperative that your program is supervised by a physician for this reason. No one should attempt doing a very low-calorie diet without physician supervision. By utilizing this eating program, the body burns its own stored fat and uses it in place of the food you would
normally be consuming.

Can I eat at a restaurant while on the SlenderPro weight loss program?

Yes. Most restaurants have lean protein, vegetable and fruit options.

Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low-calorie diet?

Without nutritional support, and supervision, the body will go into starvation mode and the person ends up losing lean muscle mass and becomes more efficient at storing fat. Which is why when people stop their low-calorie diets, they gain all the weight back and then some. When done properly with the correct blends of low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods, all-natural nutritional supplements and physician supervision, the body is more likely to burn stored fat and keep it off long term while preserving muscle mass. This is the reason why it is imperative that patients follow the instructions exactly as directed.

Will I get hungry?

Sometimes people feel mild hunger during the first few days; this sensation will usually stop after 4-6 days. Also, it is normal to feel hunger 1-2 hours before your meals. After being on the SlenderPro program for several days, your blood sugar stabilizes and you will notice that you are not hungry. While on the SlenderPro program the supplements also aid in decreasing hunger and cravings. In addition, drinking the required amounts of water also aids in hunger suppression. Generally, people tell us they are not hungry after the first week.

Can I do the SlenderPro weight loss program if I have allergies or am gluten free?

Yes. Most people with allergies or gluten free can still do the SlenderPro weight loss program.

How quickly will I lose weight?

Typically, people lose weight quickly the first two weeks. Then gradually it slows down and may plateau. This is normal and does not mean your weight loss has stopped. Over time, patients will notice large weight loss. Sometimes people lose dramatically then plateau, then lose again then plateau again. This is normal as water, salt, and other factors contribute to the number on the scale. Typically, as weight plateaus, we notice inches decreasing.

Do I have to take vitamins while on this diet?

There are vitamins in our products, but we also recommend taking a high quality all-natural daily multivitamin (no sugar).

Can I take the SlenderPro All-Natural Supplements while taking my regular medications?

The ingredients of SlenderPro have not been shown to interact with any medications  including all birth control pills or shots. If you are taking diuretics, thyroid medication, antidepressants, or birth control you may lose a little slower but there will be no medication interactions. If you are taking diabetic, thyroid , or blood pressure medicine your Dr may recommend that you take an additional supplement in addition to your current  medication in order to stabilize your condition. When in question it is always consult  with your doctor to make sure this diet is for you.

Can Diabetics do this program?

Yes!! Diabetics do extremely well with the SlenderPro weight loss program. Often decreasing or even eliminating the need for medications. Please check with your prescribing doctor as you lose weight to adjust any of your medications.

Can someone who takes thyroid medication do the SlenderPro program?

Yes!! Sometimes people who have thyroid conditions can lose a little more slowly, but they will still lose weight successfully on the SlenderPro program.

Can someone with high blood pressure do the SlenderPro weight loss program?

Yes!! Someone with high blood pressure can do the program and you will likely notice your blood pressure improving as you lose weight resulting in the need for less medication. Please check with your prescribing doctor as you lose weight to adjust your medications.

Is it normal to get a headache or other symptoms?

Occasionally some people feel foggy, lethargic, or generally out of sorts as the body detoxifies. Others may experience light headaches during the first week.  Some have described flu like symptoms without the fever. This is more common if you are used to large amounts of sugar daily. Some people do not experience any negative effects at all. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should increase your water intake to help flush and detoxify the body faster. Toxins are stored in fat cells, so sometimes when those toxins are released with fat burning, people experience some symptoms. Water dilutes the toxins and helps eliminate them.

Will the diet alter in my menstrual cycle?

The SlenderPro program will not affect your menstrual cycle or ability to become pregnant. It is best to start any weight loss program one week after your menstrual cycle ends so you are not retaining water. We advise against doing the SlenderPro weight loss program if you are taking fertility medications. If you become pregnant while on the SlenderPro weight loss program you will be advised to stop the program.

Can I drink alcohol while on the SlenderPro weight loss program?

NO! Consuming alcohol is strongly discouraged. People who drink regularly still do well on the program, but for the BEST results, it is strongly recommend that you avoid alcohol while on the SlenderPro weight loss program. Some people who drink regularly have noticed fewer alcohol cravings and have cut back or even eliminated alcohol from their diet.

Can I take SlenderPro while breastfeeding or pregnant?

NO! The SlenderPro weight loss program supervising doctor will not allow you to be a participant in the SlenderPro weight loss program if you are pregnant. If you become pregnant during the SlenderPro program, stop taking SlenderPro supplements and consult your physician. Likewise, you must wait 4-6 weeks after ending breast feeding to begin the SlenderPro weight loss program

Is it ok to exercise?

Light to moderate exercise like 20-30 minutes of walking, yoga and Pilates are allowed while on the SlenderPro program. This SlenderPro program is not designed to support extreme or strenuous activity because of the potential for injury, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass. If you are already exercising, consider scaling back for the 42 days of the SlenderPro program and only do light to moderate exercise. If your work requires strenuous activity, please notify your SlenderPro team who will advise you on managing your particular situation with specific food recommendations. Do not attempt to increase or decrease your food while on the SlenderPro program. Only your doctor or coach is permitted to do that. Exercise is very good for you and we recommend more strenuous exercise once you finish the 42-day losing phase. Once you enter the maintenance phase, you will have more food and nutrients available to support such heavy activities.

Can I take SlenderPro longer than 42 days if I want to keep losing weight?

NO! After 42 days the formula is discontinued to prevent the body from adapting to it making it less effective for future weight loss. While on the SlenderPro weight loss program, there is 6- week maintenance phase built in. This period allows the body to re-set its normal weight to a new normal, so you don’t gain the weight back. Some people even continue to lose weight into their maintenance phase even without the drops as their body continues to maintain its new increased metabolism. If you wish to lose more weight and do another cycle of SlenderPro, you may do so after completing the 6-week maintenance phase of the program.

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