Colon Ease

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COLON EASE-is a gluten free dietary supplement designed to
help balance, soothe and replenish the gastrointestinal tract.

Psyllium- is a bulk-forming laxative. Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. It’s most commonly known as a laxative. However, research shows that taking psyllium is beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.

Psyllium soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements much easier. It can help promote regularity without increasing flatulence. It can be used as a one-off to ease constipation, or it can be added to your diet to help promote regularity and overall digestive health.

Psyllium is a prebiotic - a substance needed for healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut. A healthy colony of good bacteria in the digestive system is essential for healthy immune function. Your body is better able to fight infection, reduce inflammation, and maintain healthy tissue and cells.Besides keeping your bowel movements regular and managing a chronic condition, psyllium has the ability to soften your stool provided you drink enough water. This can come in handy with short-term ailments such as constipation. Used in this way, it can prevent complications of constipation, such as hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing free radical scavenger levels due to high content of anthocyanins in acai berries
  • Improving response to harmful organisms
  • Aiding in weight loss as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight
  • Promoting skin health

• Aloe- helps to support healing of the lining of the stomach and keep the folds and pockets of the colon free of toxic materials that gather there.*

• Papaya- is a nutrient-dense fruit which offers a plethora of wonderful health benefits when consumed. Papaya is packed with antioxidant rich nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, the B vitamins, folate, pantothenic acid, potassium, copper, magnesium, and fiber. Papaya also contains a natural enzyme called Papain which works like bromelain to help athletic recovery.*

• Ginger root- is useful for the digestive tract and also helps those who have motion sickness and nausea. Ginger root warming properties promote sweating which in turn release dermcidin which can help in fighting microorganisms. It also contains gingersols which boast a wide variety of benefits.*

• Acai berries- have long been known as an energy boosting and antioxidant fruit. Antioxidant-rich acai berries may
provide many other health benefits when taken internally.*